Why Investment in Carbon & Natural Capital is Good for Business

Since their beginning almost a decade ago protecting rainforest in the Asia-pacific region, Summit Diamond Sponsor GreenCollar has been at the forefront of valuing, measuring and investing in natural capital throughout Australasia. Recognizing the opportunity presented in 2011 by the Australian Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative they have been, and continue to be a major investor in large scale environmental action across Australia.

As early adopters and innovators in the carbon industry, GreenCollar has emerged as Australia’s largest and most successful natural resource management & project investor in the carbon industry, having already created over 14 million carbon credits and with contracts now in place to deliver 62 million credits (worth more than $700 million dollars) during the next 10 years. This additional income is going directly into rural and regional Australia.

Throughout this time, GreenCollar has been at the forefront of helping farmers and graziers identify and create commercial opportunities through projects that enhance their productive enterprise. They work to quantify the environmental values of the land, and enable landholders to access innovative finance to implement regenerative land management and productivity practices.

Using their experience in carbon and other environmental markets, GreenCollar is now focused on creating a new market for water quality improvements in the Great Barrier Reef catchments called the Reef Credit Initiative. Aimed at measuring, valuing and commercializing projects in the reef catchments, they believe the combination of Reef Credits and Carbon Credits will catalyse land use change on a scale not seen before, anywhere in the world.

Through large scale aggregation, leveraging and stacking the value from carbon, water quality, and other environmental outcomes of our projects, GreenCollar is showing that this results in an explosion in farm practice change and ecosystem repair. This is occurring throughout the agricultural sector at a scale required to assist Australia in meeting its global commitments to reduce CO2 and ensure water quality does not continue to have a detrimental effect on the Great Barrier Reef.

As the carbon market in Australia transitions from ERF funding to private sector compliance and voluntary demand, GreenCollar is again leading the way. By working closely with liable entities and voluntary buyers they are creating innovative contracting and financial structures that will provide security of delivery and ensure value for money for buyers considering their carbon offset procurement options.

As Diamond Sponsors of the 5th Australian Emissions Reduction Summit, GreenCollar will be available to discuss carbon procurement options throughout the summit, and at their exhibition booth. On Day 1 of the Summit, Raphael Wood, Head of Environmental Markets at GreenCollar will be presenting a workshop on the structural fundamentals that underpin the market, and the short to medium term trends that will influence the Australian carbon market in 2018 and beyond, to enable Safeguard entities to better understand domestic carbon market dynamics. During the session they will examine:

  • Why the spot market is inherently in short supply and importantly, why that is okay.
  • The best ways for entities to guarantee supply through long-term carbon purchase agreements (CPAs)
  • The 5 things to know about CPAs, including risks, co-benefits and contracting flexibility.

Join Diamond Sponsor GreenCollar and the Carbon Market Institute at the 5th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit to make sure you understand how investment in carbon and natural capital can assist your business in managing emissions compliance obligations, and how Australia’s carbon market will develop.

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