2018 Summit Opening Plenary: Climate & Energy Together Again

We’re pretty excited about the 2018 Opening Plenary for the 5th Australasian Emissions Reduction Summit. It’s a fine start for the two day event at the hallowed MCG in Melbourne, particularly in the context of the post-2017 Climate Policy Review period, just before the next federal budget, and just after the Energy Security Board has presented its National Energy Guarantee Modelling to the COAG Energy Committee.

We’ve also recently had the International Energy Agency release its 2018 Review of Australia’s Energy Policies, which amongst other recommendations, states that the Australian Government must develop a ‘consistent energy and climate framework up to 2030/50 to ensure continued and adequate investment in the energy sector’. Furthermore, we’re heading into the next federal election cycle, with climate change and energy sure to be a differentiating policy platform for all major parties.

We’re also in the final run towards finalising the Paris rule book – at the next UNFCCC Conference of Parties in Poland’ in December 2018, countries are expected to finalise the rules and guidance that will govern how the Paris Agreement will be executed in the coming years. This is a key milestone for the world, as it will frame how countries will engage around concepts like loss and damage, adaptation, mitigation, climate finance, technology, capacity-building, and importantly for Australian business, how international carbon markets will develop under Article 6 of the Paris Agreement.

It is with this in mind that we are excited to announce the following lineup for our 2018 Opening Plenary:

 Dave Turk, Head of Energy & Environment, International Energy Agency
 As a former Obama Climate Ambassador, Mr Turk has a deep experience in navigating international climate and energy policy, and will share his insights on how Australia is tracking in relation the rest of the world – and what we need to do to keep up.
Senator Hon. Penny Wong, Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs, Australian Labor Party
As a former (and potentially future) Foreign Affairs Minister, Senator Wong has presided over the development of Australian and international carbon markets, and will share her thoughts on how Australia should engage on climate change in the Asia Pacific, and the leadership role we can play on the global stage.
 Martijn Wilder AM, Partner, Baker McKenzie
As one of the world’s foremost legal experts on global environmental markets, Mr Wilder AM will share his thoughts on the development of the Paris Agreement, climate risk and opportunity for Australia, and the implications for Australian business, and for the countries in our region that act as our major trading partners.
 Kobad Bhavnagri, Head of Australia | Head of Economics & Policy (Asia Pacific), Bloomberg New Energy Finance
Mr Bhavnagri will outline Bloomberg’s global insights on how climate and energy markets are developing in Australia and around the world, showing unequivocally that the trajectory is down, that the low-carbon transition is underway, and that Australian business needs to be a part of the transformation.
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We’re excited for this Opening Plenary, and for all the sessions that follow. This year’s event promises to (once again) be the premier climate change and business event for 2018, and the real nexus for connecting with industry, knowledge sharing and commercial interaction. Registrations are flying out the door so make sure to reserve your place today.

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